CAN Meetings

When: 1st Wednesday of each month (6:00pm - 7.30pm)

Where: Croatian Wickham Sports Club Albert Street Wickham

Everyone is welcome to come along to the regular general meetings of CAN. It is the easiest way for new members to become involved.

For more information on the location of meetings, to check whether a meeting is on, please feel free to contact CAN via email or call 0425 315664.


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Climate Action Newcastle


We are currently in the process of updating our website. Please bear with us. 

In the meantime, please join our facebook page to keep up with CAN news and events.

 Lets Build Big Solar

Climate Action Newcastle (CAN) is a not-for-profit and non-aligned community group of people from all walks of life working to educate and empower the community to take action on climate change. We develop and promote climate change solutions to households, government and industry. 

The members of Climate Action Newcastle (CAN) are committed local residents from all backgrounds working together to address the single biggest issue facing humanity: Climate Change. We are volunteers who recognise that the world faces a crisis. Climate change is a global emergency. The urgency to act cannot be understated. CAN is a way for all of us to be a part of the solution.

Your input and involvement in creating a low emissions future is vital to the future of our region and the planet.

Please join CAN on our common path towards a truly sustainable future.


Our goals are:

  • To motivate and build the capacity of government, industry, business and people to take action towards a clean energy future
  • To position CAN as a leading local voice on climate action
  • To achieve measurable outcomes towards reduction of carbon emissions
  • To sustain and grow CAN as an inclusive membership organisation

Find out more

The best way to find out more about CAN is to come along to one of our monthly meetings - first Wednesday of the month, 6pm, at the Croatian Wickham Sports Club, Albert Street Wickham. You could also: 

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