The Newcastle Emission Reduction Plan (NERP) involves the development of an ambitious emission reduction plan for the Newcastle Local Government Area through a participatory process that engages the community, industry and government.
This project will create a detailed plan and city-wide commitment to rapidly reduce carbon emissions and is a joint initative of Newcastle Climate Change Response and Climate Action Newcastle.

For each of 5 emissions sectors, working groups will develop strategies to reduce emissions within that sector.  These will be collated into an overall Emission Reduction Plan.  These strategies and plan will be presented at a Climate Summit to be held in Newcastle on Saturday 18 November 2023.  Following the presentations, table talks will be used to elicit feedback on the plan from the public and key stakeholders.  Based on the feedback, the plan will be finalised for implementation.

The Newcastle Climate Summit will be held on Saturday 18 November 2023 at Newcastle City Hall.  Come along and hear what is in the Newcastle Emission Reduction Plan and what great ideas and initiatives on reducing GHG emissions in Newcastle have been put forward.  This is your chance of providing feedback into the process through Tabletalks on the various emission reduction strategies being proposed.

We are keen to get your ideas on how to reduce emissions in Newcastle and volunteers to help with the plan and upcoming Climate Summit

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