Off the coast of Post Stephens, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

Offshore wind could be a game changer for the Hunter. The 300+ floating turbines that are proposed for the deep sea 20-35km off Newcastle have potential to provide renewable energy for millions of households as well as businesses and new low-emission industries like green hydrogen. The Hunter offshore wind zone also has potential to create thousands of secure jobs.

It is important to carefully consider the potential impacts of offshore wind. As with any other development of this scale,  wind power companies must assess environmental, social and economic impacts and propose well-researched strategies to prevent or minimise adverse impacts.  Climate Action Newcastle will participate actively in these assessment processes.

Major decisions about the future of the Hunter – like whether and how best to develop a large-scale wind farm off our coastline – need to be made carefully. Not by rushing decisions.  The community must be informed and involved. And not by spreading unfounded fears or polarising issues.  Climate Action Newcastle hopes to play a helpful role by engaging our members and supporters to work for win-win solutions.

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