Local Solar Projects go Global

The ABC’s – “Your Planet” project picked up on the amazing work and collaboration of two local bowling clubs with Climate Action Newcastle (CAN) that recently did their bit for the future of the planet. Your Planet.
Enjoy this ABC production. You can find out more at the ABC YOUR PLANET website.

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Another CAN project completed.
16 Kilowatt Solar System covering the porch roof of Croatian Wickham Sports Club.

2nd local Newcastle club to benefit from CAN's support & expertise.

After the amazing success of the Carrington Bowlo Goes Solar project, CAN is at it again with the Croatian Wickham Goes Solar project.
This is the 2nd in a line of support based initiatives to help local struggling clubs to reduce their energy bills and help the planet.

Over the last 12 months, the club, with support from CAN, held fund raising events and ran an online crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help install a solar system on the club’s roof.

Solar panels being installed on the porch roof. (Picture)

This system will produce an average of 70kwh per day, providing around 60% of the club’s consumption and reducing bills by up to 50%. The club will continue to improve these percentages with equipment upgrades and other efficiency measures.

We thank every wonderful person listed on this donation page (some more than once), every gig organiser and band who played at Iced Novo, Sun Stroked and Sun Raiser, as well as the great local businesses who sponsored our raffles. 

Big thanks also goes to Port of Newcastle for a generous grant of $6000 which helped us bring the project home. 


Our guest Adam Clarke from City of Newcastle will discuss 

Newcastle 2025 Climate Action Plan  
Under the last climate plan council made improvements such as:
– Upgrading 31 per cent of streetlights to LEDs
– Securing 100 per cent of electricity from renewable sources
– Cutting the city’s carbon footprint by 77.36 per cent (excluding emissions from Summerhill waste management centre)

The new 2025 Climate Action Plan continues the drive to decarbonise Council’s operations and now goes further to include stronger targets and city-wide initiatives.

What do we think? Take a look at the plan before the workshop and bring your questions.

This event is open to all-comers but especially for local climate groups. We’ll have break-out sessions to discuss the plan and get ready to send in our constructive submissions.

Registration is essential. Click here to register and receive the Zoom link and draft Plan.

Hosted by Climate Action Newcastle with Newcastle BZE, and Newcastle Climate Change Response. Reviewing a plan developed by City of Newcastle.

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