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Croatian Wickham Sports Club – ‘Goes Solar’.

The second of CAN’s “Going Solar” projects was completed at the Croatian Wickham Sports Club in August 2020.
After the amazing success of our first “Going Solar” project with Carrington Bowling Club (see below) we are continuing to help small or struggling local clubs to survive by reducing their costly energy bills.

The Croatian Wickham Sports Club is one of a dying breed in Newcastle – the inner-city bowlo! There are many bills to pay and much to upgrade in the old club.
We definitely don’t want to see this little gem of a community club shut its doors like so many bowlos in Newcastle already have.

The plan was to support club members and patrons in raising funds to help the CWS Club put solar panels on the roof. The club will then significantly reduce its energy bills and have more funds for other essentials. 
The outcome was a 16KW system on the front awning of the Club.
Contributions to this campaign were be managed by Climate Action Newcastle with 100% of the raised funds to go directly to the Club’s solar system. This will effectively pay forward the Club’s energy bills for years to come through savings from generating solar electricity on site.
And the best bit? Reducing carbon emissions contributing to devastating climate change.

This system will produce an average of 70kwh per day, providing around 60% of the club’s consumption and reducing bills by up to 50%. The club will continue to improve these percentages with equipment upgrades and other efficiency measures.

We thank every wonderful person listed on this donation page (some more than once), every gig organiser and band who played at Iced Novo, Sun Stroked and Sun Raiser, as well as the great local businesses who sponsored our raffles. 

Big thanks also goes to Port of Newcastle for a generous grant of $6000 which helped us bring the project home. 


Local Solar Projects go Global

The ABC’s – “Your Planet” project picked up on the amazing work and collaboration of two local bowling clubs with Climate Action Newcastle (CAN) that recently did their bit for the future of the planet. Your Planet.
Enjoy this ABC production. You can find out more at the ABC YOUR PLANET website.

December 2017 – 2018.
Carrington Bowling Club – ‘Goes Solar’.

With initial ideas and energy from CAN, Carrington Bowling Club’s Jaci Lapin quickly jumped on board and became the major driving force behind the success of this first “Going Solar” project collaboration between CAN and a local club.

Smaller local clubs all over the state can easily find themselves in financial stress due to operating costs.
Enabling these small local clubs to reduce their usually high energy costs can go a long way in helping pull a club out of a possibility of closing.
CAN’s role was to setup a crowdfunding campaign which we did with Chuffed.com and help out with other fund raising events over the next 12 months.

 CAN quarantined and managed the funds before finally handing the funds over to the club once the campaign came to a close.
The fund raising campaign raise a total of $30,715. These funds were made up of Chuffed donations and fund raising events and activities at the club.
The result was the installation of a 50KW Solar System installed on the entire roof of the club. The club has now reduced it energy bill by an average of 50 – 60%.

Carrington Bowling Club Manager, Jaci Lappin, tells of the club’s new future with solar.

Preparing for the final solar panel to be installed on the Carrington Bowling Club’s roof.


June – August 2016.
Bulk Battery Storage Install.

CAN partnered with SunCrowd to present and instigate Australia’s first bulk-buy of renewable home energy storage systems.

More than 600 people packed into Newcastle City Hall for the bulk-buy launch presented by program partners SunCrowd and Climate Action Newcastle.

The bulk-buy program allows early adopters to obtain new storage systems at greatly reduced prices.

It follows Climate Action Newcastle’s similar and successful bulk-buy of solar power systems in 2008, which at the time was the largest such program in Australia.


March – April 2012.
Smart Energy Expo Newcastle 2012.
Newcastle Exhibition Centre.

This was the Expo’s final year.

The renewable industry had taken off and the expo had done its job.


March – 2011.
Smart Energy Expo Newcastle 2011.
Newcastle Exhibition Centre.

The expo needed more space, so we went to the Newcastle Exhibition Centre within the Newcastle Showground and Entertainment Complex.

February – 2010.
Newcastle’s Going Solar – Round 3.
Bulk buy and install of Solar panels for the Hunter.

CAN coordinated a third round of solar installs. The install rebate and feed-in tariff were still just available.


November – 2009.
Smart Energy Expo Newcastle 2009.
Newcastle City Hall & Wheeler Place.
The Expo grew in interest from both business and the public. It needed a face lift. We moved to the Newcastle City Hall & Wheeler Place for 2009 and gave it a corporate face lift.
There was still major interest in new the technology around renewable energy. More businesses were popping up and the public started seeing more TV advertising about the products and so more people were turning up to get information on the technology and how they could get involved.

February – 2009.
Newcastle’s Going Solar – Round 1 & 2.
Bulk buy and install of Solar panels for the Hunter.
CAN initiated a bulk buy and installation of solar panels for households in the greater Newcastle area. Over 500 household roofs had solar panels installed. The install also came with a government rebate on the install costs and included a generous feed-in tariff.
It was a win-win for everyone.


29th & 30th November – 2008.
Smart Energy Expo Newcastle 2008.
Honeysuckle Boiler Shop.

Apart from 2010, the Smart Energy Expo Newcastle was held over the next few years up to 2012.
Businesses in the renewable energy industry increased and the Hunter saw a marked increase in solar and renewable business. A lot of this can be attributed to CAN’s idea of operating an expo.
The Expo did exactly what was intended. Increase opportunities for local renewable energy business and increase renewable energy use by households and industry. Over 5,000 people visited the Expo over the 2 days.


September – 2007.
Smart Energy Expo Newcastle 2007.
Honeysuckle Boiler Shop.
Smart Energy Expo Newcastle 2007 was a one day, one-stop shop showcasing a wide range of renewable energy options for sustainable living. It included stalls from government departments, local councils, industries and businesses, with activities, visual presentations and speakers throughout the day.
The Smart Energy Expo provides an exceptional opportunity for people to see the widest range of energy- efficient products and services to match their lifestyles and budgets, including new building designs, energy efficiency for housing, easy ways to sign onto Greenpower and more.
Entry was Free.

September – 2007.
Time To Switch Campaign.
CAN followed the Kilowatt Challenge with the Time To Switch campaign to encourage households to take up 100% GreenPower.

March – 2007.
Kilowatt Challenge
CAN instigated a Kilowatt Challenge in which 50 households and one school competed to reduce their energy usage.