19 countries pledge to phase out coal.

A new alliance of 19 nations committed to quickly phasing out coal has been launched at the UN climate summit in Bonn, Germany. It was greeted as a “political watershed”, signalling the end of the dirtiest fossil fuel that currently provides 40% of global electricity.
It’s good to see there is climate leadership out there in the world. A big shame there is no buy-in from Australia or Asian nations yet, but let’s hope it is contagious.

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Demand Federal Adani Review

From the Stop Adani campaign

Adani wants to suck 12.5 billion litres of water EVERY YEAR from the Suttor River for its Carmichael coal mine. Adani is trying on a sneaky move – hoping to avoid having to do a proper environmental impact assessment of the scheme.

Federal Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg, still has to make a decision on whether Adani’s water scheme requires a full environmental assessment. Drought-stricken Queensland can’t afford to pour its precious water into a coal mine that will exacerbate climate change.

Will you contact the Minister for Environment and Energy today and ask him to conduct a full and proper assessment of Adani’s water scheme?

Contact form. https://stopadani.good.do/StopAdaniwater/email-mps/